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Top Native Australian Trees to Plant

Creating a beautiful, native garden is a goal shared by many gardening enthusiasts. Our team at Treemates is no exception.

With a focus on preservation and sustainable practices, Treemates’ mission is to promote the long-term health of trees and their surrounding ecosystem. In our eyes, planting natives is crucial for the biodiversity conservation of our gardens. Native trees provide habitats and food sources for our native wildlife and have also evolved over time to build resilience to the specific climate, soil, and rainfall patterns of each region - so you can benefit from their beauty, ease of maintenance and enjoy creating thriving ecosystems.

Some of our expert recommendations include:

  1. Eucalyptus species are known for their distinctive bark and aromatic leaves. They come in various sizes, from small shrubs to towering giants, making them suitable for a variety of garden spaces.

  2. Bottlebrush are evergreen shrubs or small trees that produce vibrant, nectar-rich blooms. These are sure to attract native birds and bees.

  3. Grevilleas are evergreen plants that come in different sizes, from ground covers to tall trees. Not only will they attract native birds and bees, but they’re also drought-tolerant and low-maintenance and come in a variety of colours.

  4. Banksias are hardy evergreens that are well-suited to coastal gardens, as they tolerate sandy soils and salt spray. They also cope well in wetter soils.

  5. Illawarra Flame Trees are admired for their vibrant crimson bell-shaped flowers and put on a magnificent show at flowering time.

  6. Melaleucas are also well worth considering in the home garden as there are a number of varieties now available in different sizes.

  7. Lomandras and Carex are hardy clumping grasses that are avaiable in a variety of sizes and colour.

Be sure to read your plant labels and make sure that your new friends have plenty of space to grow to their full potential.

For tailored tree solutions suitable for your unique location, reach out to the Treemates team. We can help you choose from the various species available as well as provide insightful education on your current tree maintenance.

Treemates go above and beyond to make your tree care journey easier and more rewarding.

Take a look at some of our favourite nurseries that carry a good range of natives including Sydney Wildflower Nursery (Heathcote), Sunrise Nursery (Helensburgh) and Berry Wholesale Nursery (Berry).


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