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Forestry Mulching Illawarra.

Professional forestry mulching services in the Sutherland Shire, Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands areas since 2008.

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15+ years experience.

Treemates is the leading arborist service for residents, businesses and government in the Illawarra with 15+ years of industry experience. We have developed unparrelled experise in arboriculture and established strong relationships with local councils.


Full service tree company.

Treemates tree services will go beyond to do the right thing by you, making your life easier with a range of services such as guidance and preparation for council applications as well as insightful education on tree maintenance.


Prioritise tree preservation.

Founded by a group of arborists with aligned values, Treemates tree services offers quality, tree care solutions that prioritise preservation using sustainable practices that promote the long-term health of clients' trees and the surrounding ecosystem.

Expert Forestry Mulching Services.


Treemates offers expert and sustainable Illawarra forestry mulching services designed to promote ecological health and long-term sustainability.

Our team of skilled arborists’ use selective pruning techniques, sustainable mulching practices, and commitment to preserving the integrity of ecosystems make them a trusted choice for environmentally conscious land management. 

Benefits of professional Forestry Mulching:

  1. Improved Forest Health: Professional forestry mulching and tree clearing services promote the overall health of forests. By selectively removing overgrown vegetation, invasive or introduced species, and dead or diseased trees, Treemates help create space for healthy growth and regeneration. 

  2. Reduced Fire Risk: Forestry mulching services provided by Treemates help reduce the risk of wildfires. By removing dry and combustible vegetation, the team creates firebreaks and minimises fuel sources. This reduces the potential for wildfires to spread and helps protect nearby communities, infrastructure, and valuable forest resources.

  3. Soil Protection and Erosion Control: Professional forestry mulching services prioritise soil protection and erosion control. Treemates' mulching techniques leave behind a layer of protective mulch, which helps retain moisture in the soil and prevents erosion caused by rainfall and wind. This contributes to soil health, nutrient cycling, and the preservation of valuable topsoil.

  4. Expertise and Safety: Treemates employ trained and qualified arborists who possess the necessary expertise to conduct forestry mulching safely and efficiently. Their professionals have a deep understanding of tree biology, growth patterns, and removal techniques. This ensures that the services are carried out with the utmost care, minimising risks and potential damage to the surrounding environment.

  5. Enhanced Biodiversity: Treemates' selective pruning clearing techniques and habitat creation strategies promote biodiversity. By removing dense vegetation and opening up spaces, they encourage the growth of a variety of plant species, which in turn supports a diverse range of animal species. This fosters a healthier and more balanced ecosystem with increased resilience to environmental changes.


By choosing professional forestry mulching services from Treemates, clients can be confident in receiving high-quality solutions for their forestry mulching needs.


Treemates' commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship ensures that their services contribute to the preservation and long-term sustainability of our bushland.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote for your Illawarra forestry mulching needs today!

Additional Tree Management Services We Provide:

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Removals

  • Stump Removals

  • Stump Grinding

  • Habitat Creation

  • Land & Roadside Clearing

  • APZ Maintenance

  • Forestry Mulching

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No obligation free quote.

Treemates' Forestry Mulching.

Our dedication to sustainable practices and caring for the environment ensure our forest mulching services contribute to the sustaining of our bushland for the long term. Call us for more info now!

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